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Find out where you are required to collect sales and use tax in jurisdictions across the nation. 

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Affordable sales tax return filing for any business type and size.

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We can help you through the audit process, keeping your rights intact and potentially reducing the amount of tax, penalty, and interest assessed. 


Online Sales Tax & Nexus Solutions

Calculating the Things you Hate: Numbers

Attention Online Business Owners!

Your reasons for starting your own business can be as diverse as your personality. You could be seeking the autonomy of self-employment, a legacy to leave for family, control over your future, or a way to get your amazing offerings out there to the audiences. 

However, one thing that would have never made to your list is: administrative hassles like paying sales tax. Filing and remitting sales tax returns and payments is a budget-draining, and time-consuming, plus it’s so easy to make mistakes. That’s why customers love our sales tax compliance services. Our sales tax company provides compliance review services, audit assistance and we help prepare sales tax reports. We provide complete e-commerce solutions.

What You Need to Know as a Business Owner

As state and federal governments shift their attention to netting more revenue from sales tax for online sales, many e-commerce businesses are being subjected to increasing scrutiny. As you expand your business into other states, you must determine how — and how much — sales tax to pay in each state. It’s complicated, and mistakes can result in fines and penalties. That’s why it is best to depend on professional e-commerce sales tax solutions. Our sales tax company has the experience and the expertise to provide the digital tax solutions you need. 

Whether you use Amazon, Shopify, Etsy or another platform to sell your goods online, filing sales tax correctly and on time is an important part of doing business. Our sales tax company can help you with digital tax solutions such as Shopify tax reporting and sales tax design and filing for any online shopping platform. When you use sales tax compliance outsourcing, you save time. Plus, you get the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your e-commerce taxes are being paid on time and correctly.

Sales Tax Nexus

Are You Familiar With Nexus?

As the owner of an e-commerce business, you are required to pay sales taxes in the states in which you do business. You may be required to pay additional taxes for employees you have or goods you store in these states. 

Other activities that could also activate sales tax nexus, representing a risk to your business, include: 

  • Soliciting sales via sales representatives traveling to another states
  • Sending employees to trade shows in other states
  • Performing service call duties in states other than those where employees are based
  • Forming an agent or affiliate relationship that promotes servicing or selling activities in other states
  • Maintaining inventory in a warehouse (for instance with Amazon’s FBA program) in other states

Failing to pay the correct sales taxes can lead to fines and penalties. Because each state has its own tax laws, nexus determinations have earned a reputation for being hopelessly complicated. That’s why our sales tax company offers nexus help. We can help you make economic nexus determinations in each of the states you do business in. 

It’s critical that you move quickly with these nexus determinations, as any delays could be expensive. Additionally, if the sales tax firm you have been using is unfamiliar with nexus laws, you may have errors dating back years. With our audit assistance, you can quickly find out if you owe any back taxes — before late penalties have a chance to mushroom. 

SalesTaxSolutions.US helps you recognize the relevant sales tax nexus generating activities and determine your obligation for collection and remittance of sales tax. Not only we will do we provide nexus determination, but we will also recommend practical, simple, steps to prevent any potential exposure, depending upon your risk quotient.


Bringing the Best Tax Filing Tools and Strategies to the Table

Your business can get into hot water with sales tax return filing issues. Avoid fines and penalties by having a professional sales tax firm prepare your e-commerce use and sales tax returns. We’ll prepare your sales tax reports so that you’re ready for the cash payments you must make. 

Preparing e-commerce sales tax returns and reports is time-consuming and expensive. Additionally, without specialized expertise, your paperwork and calculations may be incorrect. Online businesses are increasingly turning to sales tax compliance outsourcing to reduce their risk, acquire access to sales and use tax experts, and decrease their expenses. 

Additionally, using a sales tax firm for digital tax solutions is much more economical than hiring an employee to prepare sales tax returns. As a small-business owner, you will likely want to avoid paying benefits and incurring the other expenses that come with hiring employees versus using independent contractors or sales tax compliance outsourcing firms. 

With our sales tax compliance services, you will be able to address sales tax on e-commerce questions as they pop up in the business – inclusive of taxability issues, nexus questions, audits, and exemptions. Our responsiveness to client queries is comprehensively recognized by our clients.

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