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From independent clothing brands to home decor products, Shopify houses over 500,000 businesses. For many sellers, elements like fraud analysis and abandoned cart recovery have proved to be game-changers as they streamline E-Commerce, enabling sellers to focus on other aspects of their business.

Sales Tax, Shopify and the Seller Dilemma
In particular, the report feature — explicitly the Shopify sales tax report — saves you time, but it elaborates an interesting issue all ecommerce sellers face: tax collection and filing. Ecommerce and sales tax seems small superficially, but, in reality, it’s one of the most intimidating parts of selling online. It stretches the process of adding products to your store, market, and shipping them, and yet this one line item on customer invoices results in frustrated emails to client support.
The Good News and the Bad News - Shopify Doesn’t File or Remit Sales Tax for Sellers.
As a business owner you want wants your business to thrive and grow. Growth can’t be accomplished if you have to manually calculate Ecommerce sales tax to collect every time you make a sale.

Shopify doesn’t remit taxes on seller’s behalf. As a seller you must know how much you owe, when to pay, and how. The good news is since payments are processed through Shopify’s portal, you have access to reports that make tax time less of a hassle — particularly if you file regularly throughout the year.

There are a number of Shopify sales tax report you have access to. For instance, the tax filing report demonstrated you how much sales tax you’ve collected during specific time frames. Whether you file your taxes annually, quarterly, or monthly, this report can be customized to d you what you need.

Understanding Your Sales Tax Nexus is Tough; But You Don’t Necessarily Have to Do it!
As an individual seller filing your own taxes, you need to know origin and destination sourcing rules work differently if you are a remote seller and fall into economic nexus. Those sales will most probably be destination-based. Resultantly, you’ll need to figure out the right sales tax rate for every location where your business has nexus.

And as your online presence grows, so too will your customer base, culminating in an increase in states where you have an obligation to collect sales tax Shopify.

Here’s the reality: growth happens — as do the state sales tax complications and lawsuits — irrespective of your business readiness.

Outsource Your Tax Preparation To Us

You didn’t launch your business to file taxes. Or to learn about the tax laws in your country, to rationalize the right invoices, to keep organized records for years and years. No, that part of your business is actually an undesirable by-product. That’s why we created Sales Tax solutions.
Hand over all your concerns about tax compliance, and tax filing issues. And in return, you’ll get: Way more time to focus on growing your business and making your customers happy
Really, there’s no reason for you to stress over online retailer’s sales tax when they can be synchronized by a friendly, compatible team of tax consultants.

Let Sales Tax Solutions take care of the tough stuff!

How Sales Tax Solutions Can Help?

Prepare tax returns in minutes Through our synchronized efforts, we tabulate online store sales tax from every jurisdiction, whether it’s state, city, country, regional – we got you covered. We even provide summary information in a report that matches the forms on the state web site. We make Filing and remitting sales tax for your Shopify literally a breeze.

Synchronizing your sales and order history
Once you link your Shopify store, we’ll pull in all of your order and sales history from the beginning of the year until today. Additionally, we also identify and break out sales tax info.

Be aware of the filing deadline
All you need to do is tell us where your Shopify business is based. From this, and the sales tax information in your orders, Sales Tax solutions can give you specific filing deadlines.