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Many business owners sell their goods through Shopify because this platform is so large, has a wide customer base and is easy for shoppers to use. Shopify simplifies many tasks for sellers, but it doesn’t automate them — sellers still must pay taxes in the correct amounts and on time. Failure to do so can result in fees, fines and penalties. This trips up many business owners who use Shopify, since other platforms such as Amazon DO pay the taxes for sellers. We provide Shopify sales tax and reporting solutions for our customers.

Shopify Tax Documents Available
shopify-taxToo many business owners — especially those new to the game — don’t give the proper attention to paying taxes. It’s a big mistake and can be costly. Our Shopify sales tax solutions can make paying your taxes easy. The platform provides sellers with handy Shopify tax documents that show you how much the site has collected in taxes on your behalf for each of your sales. This is a tremendous help when you are filing and paying taxes, as each sale does not have to be calculated manually. 
Shopify Sales Tax Payments Made Easy
sales-taxToo many business owners — especially those new to the game Some sellers make the mistake of assuming that because Shopify does not file or pay taxes on behalf of sellers, that they do not report to the IRS. This is incorrect. Shopify reports all sales to the IRS. Therefore, if you do not pay the correct taxes on time, the IRS will know. You will eventually have to pay the taxes, and possibly fines and penalties as well. That’s why it’s a good idea to have us set up a Shopify tax reporting and filing system for you — to ensure your taxes are paid on time and in full. Whether you file your taxes annually, quarterly, or monthly, the digital tax solution can be customized to your needs. 
Shopify & Economic Nexus

Nexus determination is one of the most complex and worrisome aspects of running an e-commerce site. You must determine how much to charge in taxes for each customer’s jurisdiction, and you must collect and pay these taxes on time. The fact that Shopify sales tax software determines your business’s economic nexus for you and collects the appropriate amount of sales tax on your behalf is a great benefit of using this platform. 

However, while you are legally required to collect and pay taxes on sales in other states, it is illegal to collect these taxes without first completing a sales tax registration in that state. Our sales tax firm can register your company for you in each state in which you do business. 

Shopify’s sales tax collecting and reporting rules can differ from those of other platforms such as Etsy — don’t take chances. Rely on our sales tax firm to ensure you are in compliance with tax laws with regard to your sales on Shopify. 

Outsource Your Tax Preparation To Us

You didn’t launch your business to file taxes. Or to learn about the tax laws in your country, to rationalize the right invoices, to keep organized records for years and years. No, that part of your business is actually an undesirable by-product. That’s why we created Sales Tax solutions.
Hand over all your concerns about tax compliance, and tax filing issues. And in return, you’ll get: Way more time to focus on growing your business and making your customers happy
Really, there’s no reason for you to stress over online retailer’s sales tax when they can be synchronized by a friendly, compatible team of tax consultants.

Let Sales Tax Solutions take care of the tough stuff!

How Sales Tax Solutions Can Help?

Prepare tax returns in minutes Through our synchronized efforts, we tabulate online store sales tax from every jurisdiction, whether it’s state, city, country, regional – we got you covered. We even provide summary information in a report that matches the forms on the state web site. We make Filing and remitting sales tax for your Shopify literally a breeze.

Synchronizing your sales and order history
Once you link your Shopify store, we’ll pull in all of your order and sales history from the beginning of the year until today. Additionally, we also identify and break out sales tax info.

Be aware of the filing deadline
All you need to do is tell us where your Shopify business is based. From this, and the sales tax information in your orders, Sales Tax solutions can give you specific filing deadlines.