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Nevada Sales Tax Guide

Sales Tax by State Guide for Businesses
As a business owner, understanding your sales tax obligations is crucial to avoid costly penalties, fees, and pass the dreaded audit. If you’re selling goods in Nevada, you may be required to collect and remit sales tax to the state. However, the rules can be confusing for many people, and they’re subject to change at any time. In this article, we’ll answer some frequently asked questions about Nevada sales tax, including economic and physical nexus, sales tax rates, and filing requirements. We’ll also cover marketplace facilitators and how recent laws have changed the world of sales tax. So, whether you’re a seasoned business owner or just getting started, keep reading to learn everything you need to know about Nevada sales tax.

Sales Tax Faqs

Economic Threshold Sales: 100,000
Statewide Tax Rate: 6.85%
Marketplace Facilitator Law: Yes

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State of Nevada Department of Taxation

Do you need to collect and remit sales tax in Nevada? 

If you have economic or physical nexus in Nevada, you must collect and remit sales tax to the state. Use tax is typically imposed on property purchased outside of Nevada without tax. Sales tax is measured by gross receipts from retail sales.  

Note: Many retailers now use marketplace facilitators such as Amazon and Etsy to sell their product. The sales you make through these facilitators do not count toward having economic nexus in Nevada. 


Do you have sales tax nexus in Nevada? 

There are two types of nexuses in every state: Economic and Physical. 

Physical sales tax nexus in Nevada 

Nevada constitutes Physical sales tax nexus as a business having a physical presence within its borders. Examples of physical nexus include: 

  • Owning or maintaining an office in Nevada 
  • Having employees or agents present within the state 
  • Owning or maintaining a storefront in Nevada 

Economic sales tax nexus in Nevada 

According to the Nevada Department of Taxation: “Economic nexus laws apply to any business that makes sales into states in which they have no physical presence but meet the state’s sales and/or transactions thresholds.” The sales and transaction thresholds in Nevada are: 

  • $100,000 or more gross sales in the previous or current calendar year 
  • 200 or more transactions into the state 

Note that the sales threshold includes gross receipts of taxable and nontaxable sales.  


Are marketplace facilitators required to collect and remit sales tax in Nevada? 

In 2018, a case called South Dakota v. Wayfair changed the way sales and use taxation works in the US. The Supreme Court decided that states can require businesses that sell their products remotely to collect and pay sales or use tax for products delivered within their state. This decision led to the creation of economic sales tax thresholds in many states, and it also allowed states to require online marketplaces to collect and remit taxes on behalf of their sellers. So, if you’re a remote seller and you use a Marketplace Facilitator registered with Nevada, you don’t need to worry about reporting the taxes collected on your sales – the Marketplace Facilitator will take care of that for you. 

What platforms are marketplace facilitators?

Platforms that are considered marketplace facilitators are:    

  1. Amazon   
  2. eBay     
  3. Etsy     
  4. Walmart Marketplace 

Not sure what a marketplace facilitator is? In short, marketplace facilitators are companies that provide a platform or service for third-party sellers (you) to sell their products or services to customers. The facilitator collects payment from the customer, processes the transaction, and may also manage shipping and returns.  


Filing Nevada Sales Tax 

If you determine you have nexus in Nevada, you must first Register for a Nevada Sales Tax Permit before you can begin filing your returns. To obtain this permit, complete the Nevada Business Registration either online or using the paper form. Note: The application is accompanied by a fee of $15.00 for each business location. 

Once you have your permit, you can report and pay your Nevada sales and use tax one of two ways: 

  1. Online using the Nevada Tax Center 
  2. Filling out and mailing NVTF-REV-14 paper form. Note: If your tax payment is $10,000 or more, the payment must be made online. 

Overwhelmed? Let us file for you!  

Taxes are overwhelming. Add filing sales tax returns on top of running a business, and it can be impossible to keep up. We at SalesTaxSolutions are here to make things easier! As a company, we help businesses like yours deal with the many state-by-state regulations and file your sales tax returns for you. We’ve got 20 plus years of knowledge and experience to help you get back to saving time and making money as soon as possible. Message, email or call us at 888-544-7730 for a free quote today!  

When are sales tax returns due in Nevada? 

When you register with the Nevada Tax Center, a filing frequency is assigned to you depending upon the amount of sales tax you collect. Most retailers, (especially out-of-state), are assigned a monthly reporting frequency. See the table below for a more detailed look at Nevada filing frequencies and their due dates. 


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