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Sales and Use Tax. It’s What We Do.

SalesTaxSolutions.US offers you a variety of services that meet your sales and use tax needs. The following is a list of the most common solutions––however, if you don’t see what you need, simply ask and we’ll provide a comprehensive solution that meets your specific needs. Our services include guaranteed pricing––click on the pricing link for details.

You’ve tried to find the sales or use tax rate for a location in the United States, but you’re not quite sure if it’s right. We can provide you the current, up-to-date sales and use tax rates for any jurisdiction. You can purchase a “Quick Rate” and we’ll determine the current rate for you. We also offer monthly or quarterly subscriptions. You might have a question about sales and use tax that you can’t seem to find an easy answer. Through our unique “Quick Answer” program, we’ll have an answer to your question, usually within one business day. With “QuickAnswer” we’ll get you an answer you can use.

SalesTaxSolutions.US will determine whether you are required to collect sales and/or use tax in jurisdictions across the nation. We’ll examine your business model and when necessary, obtain written verification from jurisdictions explaining the basis of your filing requirement.

SalesTaxSolutions.US can register you in the jurisdictions you request.

We’ll design a system to manage your sales and use tax liabilities effectively. This includes policies, procedures, and recommendations for software and other necessary computer solutions. We recommend only those solutions that will deliver a high rate of success for your business.

We’ll review your accounting and business operations to determine if you are compliant in your sales and use obligations. During this review, SalesTaxSolutions.US will focus on obtaining tax savings. We’ll look for possible exemptions ensuring that you collect the proper amount of tax from your customers, or remit the proper amount of use tax on your purchases. Most tax audits will go back three years and cost your business in penalties and assessed interest; these reviews will explain how prior obligations should be handled. And when laws and regulations that affect your business change, SalesTaxSolutions.US will continue to offer you the right solutions through our unique “Sales and Use Tax Watch.” Using a variety of sources, we’ll keep you up-to-date on all pending changes to sales and use tax laws and regulations, including relevant court cases.

You’ve been put on notice that a sales and use tax audit is coming. We can help you through that process, keeping your rights intact and potentially reducing the amount of tax, penalty, and interest you may be assessed. You need to know your rights––and many times the auditor is only interested in maximizing the tax, reaching conclusions that are tenuous at best. Negotiation before, during, and after the audit is key to reducing your liability. SalesTaxSolutions.US will be your advocate throughout the process, including all necessary appeals.

SalesTaxSolutions.US will arrange to file your sales and use tax returns in each jurisdiction that your business has NEXUS. SalesTaxSolutions.US provides this service at a low annual or monthly fee. Our service is guaranteed to be free from mistakes and errors, or we pay the difference.

Solutions for Accounting Firms

You may have a client that you’ve worked with that has special sales and use tax needs. However, you specialize in income tax. That’s where SalesTaxSolutions.US can help. We provide special rates for you and your long-term clients. Let us help you tailor a specialized plan for your client.