Sales Tax Registration

Register for sales tax accounts in any United States jurisdiciton.

Sales Tax Nexus Determination

Find out where you are required to collect sales and use tax in jurisdictions across the nation. 

Sales Tax Return Filing

Affordable sales tax return filing for any business type and size.

Audit Assistance

We can help you through the audit process, keeping your rights intact and potentially reducing the amount of tax, penalty, and interest assessed. 


The Voyage of Simplified Sales Tax Compliance

For nearly two decades, SalesTaxSolutions.US has been a frontrunner in the race toward simpler, more effective sales tax compliance. By combining deep industry knowledge with cutting-edge technology, our dedicated team has lifted the burden of sales tax complexity from the shoulders of hundreds of entrepreneurs, enabling them to channel their time into what they do best—growing their businesses.

In a continued quest to make sales tax compliance easier, we’ve refined an intuitive online client portal. This hub serves not just as a tool, but a digital partner, further streamlining sales tax tasks as it grows. As we look forward to the halfway point of 2024, we’re thrilled to unveil more enhancements designed to revolutionize the sales tax experience.

Increase Your Sales Tax Compliance With These Portal Features

Business Questionnaire (Now Live)

In this exciting update, clients can now input and revise their business details directly in the portal. Whereas we used to send a template with key details like officers, addresses, locations and more, we have now ported those fields directly into our application.

Including the business questionnaire on the portal offers numerous benefits, including:

  • Streamlined Onboarding – Since all new clients must register for an account on the client portal, having the questionnaire fields at their fingertips provides a simpler way to provide relevant business information upfront. This aides in a smoother onboarding process.
  • Faster Updating – Change is the nature of business. Being able to readily edit business information ensures that everyone is on the same page.
  • Data Centralization – All key business data is gathered in one place, providing easy access for our sales tax professionals.
  • Time Savings – With business information readily available, our team can get up to speed faster and spend less time on administrative tasks.
  • Improved Accuracy – Structured fields for specific business data result in more accurate registrations and compliance.
  • User-friendly – The questionnaire interface is easier to navigate.

Dive deeper into the business questionnaire features in this article.

Checkout Processes (Est. May 2024)

Picture the straightforward process of online shopping now integrated into our client portal. Soon, clients will have the capability to select and pay for additional services, including:

  • State Registrations
  • Return Filings
  • Nexus Reviews
  • Voluntary Disclosure Agreements

This upgrade aims to make service requests as simple as a click. Learn more about how this can ease your sales tax management here.

Updating Terms of Service (Now Live)

We are committed to providing clear and transparent terms of service for all of our clients. By delineating rights, responsibilities, and expectations clearly, these terms prevent misunderstandings and lend to a smoother business relationship. However, as our business grows, our terms may need periodic updates.

To ensure that everyone is in the know, we are adding the ability to update our Terms of Service directly on the portal. Whenever changes to our terms occur, each client will receive an email inviting them to assess the updates. Following a 30-day review period, clients can accept the new terms, pose questions, or opt-out if they disagree with the stipulations. Be aware that Terms of Service are automatically accepted after 30 days unless rejected.

Click here to be directed to our new Terms of Service article, outlining the details, benefits, and more!

Sales Data Automation (Est. Mid 2024)

One of the most exciting upcoming features is data automation, which will integrate the portal to leading sales platforms like Amazon and Shopify. This will eliminate tedious data pulling, automating data importation and formatting it to be ready for filing.

For ecommerce sellers, especially those with hundreds of thousands of transactions per month, data automation is a game changer in terms of efficiency. There is no need for us to request data, or manually export, clean, and upload transactions. This will allow us to start filing your returns faster, which in turn keeps you compliant.

As we continue to enhance integration capabilities, the portal will be able to pull data from more and more systems. This evolution will greatly simplify sales tax for both clients and tax pros!

Enhanced Tax Reporting (Est. Mid-Late 2024)

Hand-in-hand with data automation comes enhanced tax reporting capabilities. By mid-to-late 2024, tax preparers will be able to generate and file tax reports directly from the portal, eliminating the drudgery of spreadsheet management.

Not only does this feature reduce manual work, but it ensures greater accuracy. By filing directly from the portal, no data is lost and everything is calculated as per current sales tax rates and laws. With just a few clicks, our tax preparers can generate, review, and submit complete sales tax returns.

Streamlined reporting like this will save time, and give you increased confidence that your tax obligations are being met properly.

Embarking on Your Simplified Sales Tax Journey

Join the group of businesses who have elevated their sales tax compliance by partnering with SalesTaxSolutions.US. Embrace the blend of expertise and innovation that our client portal offers! Contact us to schedule a free 15-30 minute consultation, where we can discuss your company’s sales tax needs and simplify your sales tax management.

Ali Walker

Ali Walker is a writer and overall content creator at Boswick Enterprises, specializing in sales tax education and resources for businesses. Through her work at SalesTaxSolutions.US, Ali strives to cover all aspects of the ever-evolving world of sales tax, providing insights and guidance to business owners.

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