Business Registration

Business Registration

When more businesses used to have brick-and-mortar locations, some rules were easier to understand. Surely you need a business license to open up a restaurant or a hardware store. But do you need one to sell homemade jewelry online? Does that qualify as a business? You can get answers to your questions about ecommerce business registrations from the professionals at SalesTaxSolutions.US.

Who Needs a Business Registration?

Virtually anyone who sells items for profit needs a business registration, whether it’s a brick-and-mortar location, a mobile location or an ecommerce site. Operating without a business registration can get you in trouble, and you may end up in court.

Depending on which state you live in, a business license can cost as little as $15 or more than $1,000. We can help you determine the cost of a business license in your state. It’s important to know, because if your ecommerce business is a side gig that nets you a few hundred dollars a month, your business license could cost you more than you make.

How Do I Get My Ecommerce Business Registration?

There are a number of methods for registering your business, and they vary from state to state. Besides an ecommerce business registration, you may also need a seller’s permit. If you’re operating out of your home, you may need a home occupation permit.

Depending upon whether your business has a name or if you want to operate your business under a name other than your own, you may also need a DBA license (doing business as). Most businesses also need an EIN — an employer identification number. This is like a Social Security number for businesses that you use to pay taxes and for other purposes. And lastly, you may need a sales tax license.

Ecommerce Business Registration

As you can see, ecommerce business registration is not always simple. Ecommerce compliance contains many variables, depending on the state you live in, and making a mistake can be costly.

SalesTaxSolutions.US can help you by registering your business in the necessary jurisdictions. Some states have county, city, town or township requirements as well and it’s important to complete the ecommerce business registration through the right jurisdictions.

We understand that ecommerce compliance can be stressful and even overwhelming. There’s a lot more to setting up your business than creating and selling your products. Don’t waste time trying to learn all the ins and outs of business registrations and the sales tax system. It takes many years to gain the knowledge necessary to be an expert in the field. At SalesTaxSolutions.US, we have more than 20 years of experience in the tax and accounting business.

Your business is better off when you focus on your products and services and outsource your business registration and sales tax matters to an expert. And because our services are a la carte, you save money.

Work with SalesTaxSolutions.US and keep your ecommerce business in compliance with state and local regulations.