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Why Outsource Sales Tax Compliance Solutions?

There comes a time in the lifecycle of every growing business when the owners question whether it would be better to outsources some tasks rather than doing them themselves. When you started your business, you may have worn all the hats. But today, that may no longer make sense for your company. As you grow, your e-commerce sales and use tax liabilities grow too, and they must be paid in full and on time. That’s where SalesTaxSolutions.US comes in. Our sales tax firm helps small e-commerce businesses with sales tax returns, compliance reviews, audits, business registration and economic nexus determination.

Sales Tax Compliance Outsourcing Saves Time

If you are at all familiar with economic nexus determinations, you know how complicated they can be. Each state has its own individual nexus threshold as well as its own tax rate. Additionally, cities, townships and counties may have their own rules. The District of Columbia and Puerto Rico also have separate regulations.

As a business owner, you are responsible for keeping up to date on all these tax rates, thresholds and any changes these municipalities make to their rules and regulations. As you may imagine, this could be a full-time job in itself. Your time is much more wisely spent producing your goods and growing your business. Leave the sales tax and use filing and reports to the experts.

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Sales Tax Compliance Outsourcing Saves Money

Arguably, the most detrimental outcome that could result from mistakes made with filing sales tax returns are the fees, fines and penalties the IRS could levy against you. With so many different sales tax and use rates and economic nexus thresholds, it’s easy for a businessperson to make a mistake. The irony is that these mistakes cost money, and the reason they get made is because you are making more money. An e-commerce business could quickly be stripped of the profits they are making by having to pay late fees to the IRS.

When you use a professional sales tax firm such as SalesTaxSolutions.US, you take the worry out of making mistakes when paying your sales and use tax. Additionally, time is money, and the time you would spend trying to learn everything a professional accountant knows would be wasted.

The costs associated with outsourcing sales tax compliance services are quickly made up by the time you save not having to do work yourself and the by superior services you receive from an experienced, knowledgeable sales tax firm.

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Benefits of Outsourcing Sales Tax Preparation

Compliance for Sales Tax on Ecommerce is the monthly treadmill that continues on in eternity. It can take up to two weeks of an in-house staff’s time monthly. Without the constant burden of sales tax compliance, in-house management and staff can instead spend their resources and time working on more complicated issues, revenue-generating projects or proactive tax planning – activities that directly contribute to improved bottom-line results.

Cost regulation is an issue at the forefront of all well-run businesses’ collective minds. Savings can come in a number of forms, like the reduction in staffing and overhead, removal of sales tax compliance training after turnover, and exclusion of payment errors and penalties for late filing.

Businesses who have made the transition to outsourced sales tax firms have been shocked at the simplicity and ease of the new process in comparison to performing this function internally. Online businesses can merely provide the data and permit your sales tax consulting firm’s professionals to take it from there. A great deal of clientele even takes the additional step to set up with remote access enabling the firm to pull the necessary data on their own. By choosing the right sales tax consulting firm as your partner, your company’s sales tax return filing can shift from a burden to a breeze.

Returns will be filed accurately with all the right figures getting into all the correct fields on every return. Has the tax rate for a jurisdiction you follow been changed? That’s one less problem you’ll have! Your sales tax compliance partner needs to provide you with a clear audit trail including easy and quick access to all sales tax returns, payment vouchers, backup work papers, and other relevant documents.

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Our Services

Sales Tax Account Registration

We can help you by registering your business in the necessary jurisdictions. Some states have county, city, town or township requirements as well and it’s important to complete the ecommerce business registration through the right jurisdictions.

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Sales Tax Nexus Determination

We'll examine your records and business model to determine whether you are required to collect sales tax in particular jurisdictions. A lot goes into these determinations, and it’s important to use a service with experience that you trust.

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Sales Tax Account Audit Assistance

We'll stand by you during your sales tax audit and provide sales tax audit help that protects your rights and interests. If the IRS finds mistakes and assesses you back taxes, penalties and interest, we may be able to get the total amount of reduced.

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Sales Tax Return Preparation

Sales tax returns are due monthly, quarterly, or annual. Filing returns this often can be very time consuming. We can handle the entire process, from filing returns to remitting tax payments.

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Sales Tax Notice Handling

Calling state agencies can be very frustrating and time consuming. Let us handle it for you. We have years of experience and know the best ways to contact state agencies.

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Sales Tax License Renewals

For many states, tax licenses expire either annually or biennially. We track which licenses require renewals and renew them by the renewal deadlines.

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