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Managing Business Changes in the SalesTaxSolutions.US Client Portal

If you know anything about sales tax, you know that it’s constantly changing. At SalesTaxSolutions.US, we are also evolving based on these changes and our client’s needs. We aim to make sales tax compliance easy and accurate for our clients through innovative technology programs and expert support.

As part of our commitment to continuously improve our services, we are adding our business questionnaire to the client portal. Read through the article below to learn how to access the questionnaire, as well as how to edit information and what new and current clients can expect.

Company Profile Tab

From the client portal dashboard, you will find that new fields are being added to the company profile tab. This tab serves as the central location for your business information and contact details. Everything from your business name, address, and phone number, to your federal EIN, state tax accounts, and a graph of sales tax collected are available on the company profile tab.

Having this information accessible through your client portal allows you to view key business details whenever needed. However, there has been no way to update this information directly on the client portal. Adding the business questionnaire fields will change this, and provide a convenient way to manage and update basic company information all in one place.

Populating the Tab

When a new client signs up for our services and creates an account on the client portal, the fields to the business questionnaire will be immediatley available on their company tab. Once the questionnaire is filled out, all of that data will transfer directly into the appropriate fields to be easily accessed. This includes details like business name, addresses, owners, websites, and more.

The company profile tab will serve as a centralized location for us to access key details on each client’s bussiness structure and operations. It also takes out one step of the onboarding process, which will provide some relief for both our team and our new clients. Now that all key details will be in the portal from day one, accessing business information will be easier than ever.

Editing Information

With the addition of the questionnaire to the portal comes the ability to edit business information directly within the client portal. Unlike other companies and states that require form requests to make these types of changes, clients will have the ability to do this themselves!

When editing business information, simply go to the Company Profile tab from the side menu, and replace the current text or selections as they apply. Remember to click the Save Changes button at the bottom right hand corner of the screen!

Current Client Porting

Existing clients do not need for worry about re-entering their company profile information on the portal. Our IT department will handle migrating all current client data over to the corresponding fields. This will ensure a seamless transition without any extra work required by current customers.

All information from your original client registration and questionnaires will be available in the portal once they have been ported over. You can simply review the migrated data for accuracy. If any changes are required, you can make and save the edits quickly.


It might seem like such a simple change to add the business questionnaire onto client portal, but the benefits are plenty:

  • More organized client information – having all key company details in one location will help keep records orderly and easy to access. No more sorting through multiple documents or requesting info!
  • Easier access – being able to log into your portal and instantly view or update information is a breeze, and ensure that we always know your current addresses, phone numbers, officers, and more essential knowledge.
  • Take out the Middle Man – with the business questionnaire directly on the client portal, we remove extra forms and extra work for everyone involved. Instead of filling out the questionnaire on a form and waiting for the answers to be transferred to the portal, we ensure that the information is quickly and readily available.
  • Better Communication – with company data living in a centralized hub, SalesTaxSolutions.US will have immediate access to the most current client details for internal use. This will facilitate better coordination and responsiveness.

Estimated Launch Schedule

While improvements on the client portal are always in the works, they take a lot of time, knowledge, and cups of coffee. We are aiming to ensure that the business questionnaire fields are error-free and fully functional. Currently, our estimated launch date is mid-March 2024.

Customer Support

We know you’ve heard it time and time again, but we truly value our clients! We want to provide helpful resources and assistance as you get acquainted with the client portal and the company profile tab. Here are some ways we can assist:

  • Monthly Newsletters – ensure you are signed up to receive our monthly newsletter, which is released the beginning of every month. In these newsletters we update you on recent sales tax changes, company updates, and other pertinent information you need to know.
  • Live Chat – our chat support is available during business hours to answer any questions you have in real-time. You can access the chat on our website or directly from your client portal account. Just look for the talk bubbles in the bottom right hand of your screen.
  • Email Support – if you prefer email, you can reach our customer support team at [email protected]. We strive to respond within 24 hours to email inquiries and requests.

We want this new feature to improve your experience with SalesTaxSolutions.US. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you need any assistance. Thank you for choosing to take your sales tax journey with us!

Ali Walker

Ali Walker is a writer and overall content creator at Boswick Enterprises, specializing in sales tax education and resources for businesses. Through her work at SalesTaxSolutions.US, Ali strives to cover all aspects of the ever-evolving world of sales tax, providing insights and guidance to business owners.

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